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Give more to your track through targeted editing and enhancements Clean-up and repair audio

Izotope RX certified

Drum editing and replacement


The most essential step in achieving your sound after recording Every mixing project is unique - contact us to discuss what we can do to enhance your track and appeal to your listeners


The last step to shape your sound before it hits the market. Adjust dynamic range, loudness, stereo - eliminate noise, hiss, and hums Optimize your track and transfer it to the final format (CD, Vinyl, Digital platform ready)

During the production process we can communicate per video chat, phone or mail and discuss everything relevant concerning your production.



Hot&Spicy RecordsIHoldTigh "I got trouble"

Mastered Sultana Mastering

Hip Hop

Mastered by Jean Emmanuel | Sultana Mastering


BTRAX RecordsIBTX015IRobben "Resilliance"

Mastered Sultana Mastering

Sultana Mastering

WHAT WE DO is a professional sound engineering studio providing high quality music services. The studio offers online mixing, mastering, and repair/editing to worldwide producers, bands, and record labels. We provide high-end mastering for CD, vinyl, and digital distribution. We also offer free advice and support and a friendly, professional service with a quick turnaround. We welcome personalized projects and we will do our utmost to fulfill each projects unique needs.



Since 1988 the engineers of Sultana Mastering have cultivated extensive experience in the music field from DJing, producing, club direction, and label management. We have engineering expertise in rock, metal, electronic dance music, hip-hop, R&B, house, deep house, and techno. Our personal approach and dedicated analog/digital studio enable us to provide top-notch service perfectly tailored to your needs.

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